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Dental Sedation

At Rideau Dental Centre in Ottawa, our dentists offer dental sedation options to help make patients more comfortable during long procedures, and in an effort to calm anxious patients.

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Dental Sedation, Ottawa Dentist

What is Dental Sedation?

Dental sedation refers to a variety of techniques used to make patients more comfortable during dental procedures. Our dentists can help determine if a dental sedation option is right for you. 

At Rideau Dental Centre, we do everything we can to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their dental appointments. In addition to offering sedation options, we will work at your pace, take breaks when you need them, and provide calm reassurance as needed.

Oral Conscious Sedation

In cases where patients express extreme anxiety regardless of the simplicity of the procedure, our dentists may recommend oral sedation. As the name suggests, the patient consciously takes an oral sedative at the beginning of the visit. In some cases, a dose of nitrous oxide (laughing) gas is also given to enhance the effects of the oral sedative. This helps to reduce anxiety in relatively simple and pain-free procedures. Some patients will experience the desired effect of mild, short- term amnesia associated with the dental procedure. This mode of sedation is the most popular with our patients undergoing regular dental procedures.

IV Conscious Sedation

This type of sedative can be used both as a general anesthesia and to create a state of semi-consciousness. It creates a ‘twilight’ state of mind in which the body is relaxed, feels no pain while a temporary state of amnesia wipes out the memory of the procedure from your mind. This mode of sedation is the most popular with our patients undergoing surgical tooth extraction procedures and dental implant placements. At Rideau Dental Centre, our dentists are trained to handle complex sedation procedures with utmost care. We will make sure that you receive complete information regarding the procedure that is being used and the impact it will have on you.

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